We are geared up and ready for VBS 2013 at Valley View Baptist Church.  Sis. Becky Plemons is the best VBS director a church could ask for!  She has assembled a team of workers at the church that have transformed our church into one huge castle.  The pictures only show a portion of what this team has done!  The church simply looks awesome!  We have a new projector that will play the DVD videos each night and Powerpoint as well.  We also have a new van for those who require a ride to and from VBS.  Bro. Odis Seals has a jar filled with pesos that the kids will have to earn guesses for to determine the weight, number and value of the total number of coins inside.  The closest guess will win a special prize!  We even have two special catapults that will project water balloons over 100 yards.  IT WILL BE AWESOME!  Continue to check throughout the week for more pictures from our VBS.  We will be meeting from 6:30 p.m. To 9:00 p.m. each night and we will cap off the event on Saturday the 27th at 2 p.m. with snow cones, hot dogs, carnival games, blow up bouncing houses and a dunk tank for the losers of the boys/girls donation drive for Cameron Scroggins.   Thank you to everyone who worked hard and late this week to make this happen.  Praise the Lord for all He is doing at Valley View Baptist Church!  Click below for more pictures of our crew getting things ready!

We have 10 kids that have accepted the Lord as their Saviour and 1 adult that walked the aisle for salvation this week!  PRAISE THE LORD!  The Lord blessed us with a ton of kids and the final closing party is today at 2 p.m.  WE RAISED OVER $1,000 WORTH OF CHANGE FOR CAMERON'S FAMILY AND THEIR MEDICAL BILLS!  GREAT JOB KIDS!

BUGGY & CHRISTIAN have been a huge hit among the younger kids!  They are loving the puppet shows!
DSCF3600 (640x480)
DSCF3606 (640x480)
DSCF3608 (640x480)
DSCF3611 (640x480)
DSCF3598 (640x480)
DSCF3599 (640x480)
DSCF3602 (640x480)
DSCF3597 (640x480)
DSCF3601 (640x480)
DSCF3609 (640x480)
DSCF3610 (640x480)
DSCF3612 (640x480)
DSCF3607 (640x480)
DSCF3604 (640x480)
DSCF3605 (640x480)
DSCF3670 (640x480)
DSCF3643 (640x480)
DSCF3668 (640x480)
DSCF3596 (640x480)
DSCF3569 (640x480)
DSCF3673 (640x480)
DSCF3603 (640x480)
DSCF3620 (640x480)
DSCF3541 (640x480)
DSCF3664 (640x480)
DSCF3517 (640x480)
DSCF3573 (640x480)
DSCF3656 (640x480)
DSCF3613 (640x480)
DSCF3650 (640x480)
DSCF3674 (640x480)
DSCF3595 (640x480)
DSCF3665 (640x480)
DSCF3638 (640x480)
DSCF3621 (640x480)
DSCF3566 (640x480)
DSCF3639 (640x480)
DSCF3652 (640x480)
DSCF3667 (640x480)
DSCF3634 (640x480)
DSCF3672 (640x480)
DSCF3567 (640x480)
DSCF3658 (640x480)
DSCF3630 (640x480)
DSCF3647 (640x480)
DSCF3618 (640x480)
DSCF3628 (640x480)
DSCF3511 (640x480)
DSCF3529 (640x480)
DSCF3627 (640x480)
DSCF3666 (640x480)
DSCF3568 (640x480)
DSCF3660 (640x480)
DSCF3616 (640x480)
DSCF3615 (640x480)
DSCF3678 (640x480)
DSCF3624 (640x480)
DSCF3535 (640x480)
DSCF3533 (640x480)
DSCF3519 (640x480)
DSCF3521 (640x480)
DSCF3574 (640x480)
DSCF3515 (640x480)
DSCF3524 (640x480)
DSCF3559 (640x480)
DSCF3617 (640x480)
DSCF3657 (640x480)
DSCF3528 (640x480)
DSCF3641 (640x480)
DSCF3655 (640x480)
DSCF3636 (640x480)
DSCF3557 (640x480)
DSCF3646 (640x480)
DSCF3589 (640x480)
DSCF3614 (640x480)
DSCF3512 (640x480)
DSCF3631 (640x480)
DSCF3648 (640x480)
DSCF3540 (640x480)
DSCF3539 (640x480)
DSCF3669 (640x480)
DSCF3629 (640x480)
DSCF3633 (640x480)
DSCF3659 (640x480)
DSCF3645 (640x480)
DSCF3649 (640x480)
DSCF3676 (640x480)
DSCF3592 (640x480)
DSCF3635 (640x480)
DSCF3663 (640x480)
DSCF3677 (640x480)
DSCF3671 (640x480)
DSCF3531 (640x480)
DSCF3548 (640x480)
DSCF3514 (640x480)
DSCF3632 (640x480)
DSCF3644 (640x480)
DSCF3591 (640x480)
DSCF3532 (640x480)
DSCF3637 (640x480)
DSCF3553 (640x480)
DSCF3520 (640x480)
DSCF3625 (640x480)
DSCF3565 (640x480)
DSCF3564 (640x480)
DSCF3523 (640x480)
DSCF3675 (640x480)
DSCF3513 (640x480)
DSCF3640 (640x480)
DSCF3555 (640x480)
DSCF3662 (640x480)
DSCF3588 (640x480)
DSCF3651 (640x480)
DSCF3590 (640x480)
DSCF3619 (640x480)
DSCF3626 (640x480)
DSCF3594 (640x480)
DSCF3572 (640x480)
DSCF3593 (640x480)
DSCF3527 (640x480)
DSCF3587 (640x480)
DSCF3623 (640x480)
DSCF3544 (640x480)
DSCF3546 (640x480)
DSCF3556 (640x480)
DSCF3558 (640x480)
DSCF3518 (640x480)
DSCF3654 (640x480)
DSCF3543 (640x480)
DSCF3586 (640x480)
DSCF3571 (640x480)
DSCF3585 (640x480)
DSCF3581 (640x480)
DSCF3622 (640x480)
DSCF3549 (640x480)
DSCF3530 (640x480)
DSCF3642 (640x480)
DSCF3537 (640x480)
DSCF3661 (640x480)
DSCF3534 (640x480)
DSCF3525 (640x480)
DSCF3545 (640x480)
DSCF3570 (640x480)
DSCF3526 (640x480)
DSCF3563 (640x480)
DSCF3516 (640x480)
DSCF3538 (640x480)
DSCF3554 (640x480)
DSCF3547 (640x480)
DSCF3583 (640x480)
DSCF3536 (640x480)
DSCF3542 (640x480)
DSCF3550 (640x480)
DSCF3584 (640x480)
DSCF3580 (640x480)
DSCF3578 (640x480)
DSCF3560 (640x480)
DSCF3576 (640x480)
DSCF3522 (640x480)
DSCF3562 (640x480)
DSCF3582 (640x480)
DSCF3561 (640x480)
DSCF3552 (640x480)
DSCF3551 (640x480)
DSCF3745 (640x480)
DSCF3709 (640x480)
DSCF3740 (640x480)
DSCF3714 (640x480)
DSCF3715 (640x480)
DSCF3725 (640x480)
DSCF3710 (640x480)
DSCF3743 (640x480)
DSCF3741 (640x480)
DSCF3711 (640x480)
DSCF3596 (640x480)
DSCF3699 (640x480)
DSCF3749 (640x480)
DSCF3739 (640x480)
DSCF3729 (640x480)
DSCF3697 (640x480)
DSCF3750 (640x480)
DSCF3764 (640x480)
DSCF3742 (640x480)
DSCF3770 (640x480)
DSCF3765 (640x480)
DSCF3738 (640x480)
DSCF3726 (640x480)
DSCF3779 (640x480)
DSCF3784 (640x480)
DSCF3720 (640x480)
DSCF3762 (640x480)
DSCF3732 (640x480)
DSCF3773 (640x480)
DSCF3728 (640x480)
DSCF3731 (640x480)
DSCF3746 (640x480)
DSCF3702 (640x480)
DSCF3785 (640x480)
DSCF3700 (640x480)
DSCF3771 (640x480)
DSCF3758 (640x480)
DSCF3772 (640x480)
DSCF3733 (640x480)
DSCF3724 (640x480)
DSCF3676 (640x480)
DSCF3778 (640x480)
DSCF3777 (640x480)
DSCF3783 (640x480)
DSCF3727 (640x480)
DSCF3754 (640x480)
DSCF3698 (640x480)
DSCF3736 (640x480)
DSCF3748 (640x480)
DSCF3721 (640x480)
DSCF3887 (480x640)
DSCF3886 (480x640)
DSCF3877 (640x480)
DSCF3876 (640x480)
DSCF3869 (640x480)
DSCF3868 (640x480)
DSCF3864 (640x480)
DSCF3863 (640x480)
DSCF3862 (640x480)
DSCF3860 (640x480)
DSCF3859 (640x480)
DSCF3858 (640x480)
DSCF3857 (640x480)
DSCF3854 (640x480)
DSCF3853 (640x480)
DSCF3852 (640x480)
DSCF3851 (640x480)
DSCF3850 (640x480)
DSCF3849 (640x480)
DSCF3848 (640x480)
DSCF3846 (640x480)
DSCF3845 (640x480)
DSCF3844 (640x480)
DSCF3843 (640x480)
DSCF3842 (640x480)
DSCF3841 (640x480)
DSCF3840 (640x480)
DSCF3839 (640x480)
DSCF3838 (640x480)
DSCF3834 (640x480)
DSCF3833 (640x480)
DSCF3830 (640x480)
DSCF3829 (640x480)
DSCF3828 (640x480)
DSCF3827 (640x480)
DSCF3826 (640x480)
DSCF3825 (640x480)
DSCF3824 (640x480)
DSCF3804 (640x480)
DSCF3803 (640x480)
DSCF3802 (640x480)
DSCF3801 (640x480)
DSCF3800 (640x480)
DSCF3799 (640x480)
DSCF3798 (640x480)
DSCF3797 (640x480)
DSCF3795 (640x480)
DSCF3794 (640x480)
DSCF3793 (640x480)
DSCF3792 (640x480)
DSCF3791 (640x480)
DSCF3789 (640x480)
DSCF3788 (640x480)
DSCF3787 (640x480)
DSCF3786 (640x480)
DSC_0458 (640x427)
CSC_0430 (640x427)
DSC_0419 (640x427)
DSC_0418 (640x427)
DSC_0403 (640x427)
DSC_0400 (640x427)
DSC_0395 (427x640)
DSC_0386 (427x640)
DSC_0384 (427x640)
DSC_0374 (640x427)
DSC_0350 (640x427)
DSC_0343 (640x427)
DSC_0338 (427x640)
DSC_0336 (427x640)
DSC_0252 (640x427)
DSC_0233 (640x427)
DSC_0226 (640x427)
CSC_0457 (426x640)
DSC_0187 (640x427)
DSC_0185 (427x640)
DSC_0178 (640x427)
DSC_0165 (427x640)
DSC_0150 (640x427)
DSC_0134 (640x427)
CSC_0456 (640x426)
DSC_0107 (640x427)
DSC_0086 (640x427)
DSC_0082 (640x427)
DSC_0078 (427x640)
DSC_0076 (427x640)
DSC_0074 (427x640)
DSC_0070 (640x427)
DSC_0066 (427x640)
CSC_0453 (640x427)
CSC_0452 (427x640)
CSC_0449 (640x426)
CSC_0443 (427x640)
DSC_0041 (640x427)
DSC_0035 (427x640)
CSC_0437 (640x427)
CSC_0431 (427x640)
DSCF3897 (640x480)
DSCF3896 (640x480)
DSCF3894 (640x480)
DSCF3893 (640x480)
DSCF3892 (640x480)
DSCF3891 (640x480)
DSCF3890 (640x480)
DSCF3987 (640x480)
DSCF3986 (640x480)
DSCF3985 (640x480)
DSCF3982 (640x480)
DSCF3981 (640x480)
DSCF3979 (640x480)
DSCF3978 (640x480)
DSCF3977 (640x480)
DSCF3975 (640x480)
DSCF3973 (640x480)
DSCF3971 (640x480)
DSCF3969 (640x480)
DSCF3968 (640x480)
DSCF3967 (640x480)
DSCF3966 (640x480)
DSCF3965 (640x480)
DSCF3963 (640x480)
DSCF3962 (640x480)
DSCF3961 (640x480)
DSCF3960 (640x480)
DSCF3959 (640x480)
DSCF3958 (640x480)
DSCF3957 (640x480)
DSCF3956 (640x480)
DSCF3955 (640x480)
DSCF3953 (640x480)
DSCF3952 (640x480)
DSCF3950 (640x480)
DSCF3949 (640x480)
DSCF3948 (640x480)
DSCF3947 (640x480)
DSCF3946 (640x480)
DSCF3945 (640x480)
DSCF3944 (640x480)
DSCF3943 (640x480)
DSCF3942 (640x480)
DSCF3941 (640x480)
DSCF3940 (640x480)
DSCF3939 (640x480)
DSCF3938 (640x480)
DSCF3937 (640x480)
DSCF3936 (640x480)
DSCF3934 (640x480)
DSCF3933 (640x480)
DSCF3932 (640x480)
DSCF3931 (640x480)
DSCF3930 (640x480)
DSCF3929 (640x480)
DSCF3928 (640x480)
DSCF3927 (640x480)
DSCF3926 (640x480)
DSCF3925 (640x480)
DSCF3913 (640x480)
DSCF3912 (640x480)
DSCF3910 (640x480)
DSCF3909 (640x480)
DSCF3907 (640x480)
DSCF3904 (640x480)
DSCF3903 (640x480)
DSCF3899 (640x480)
DSCF3898 (640x480)
CLOSING CEREMONIES WERE AWESOME!  Cameron Scroggins showed up to accept his offering from the kids for the week!  We had a blow up house, a dunk tank, snow cones, popcorn & hot dogs.  The Walker County fire department even showed up with a fire engine for the kids.  What a great day in the Lord!  Click below to see pics from our week of VBS at Valley View Baptist Church!