Bro. Michael Hill, Sis. Carie Hill, Bro. Charlie Connatser & Sis. Stacey Connatser work with our youth at Valley View Baptist Church.  They have 2 activities per month and have a lot of events scheduled for this summer.   Each activity includes a Bible study.  Click here to see upcoming events and join our youth group for a great time in the Lord!
We have 10 acres of land for the teens to play on!  We had a great game of kickball at our last outing on the softball field out back of the church.  Click below to see pics from the event!...
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WOW!  Our teens are really growing!  We had 14 teens at our last Bible study.  Thank you Lord!  Now that we are running the van and have excellent van captains, we can get more teens to the meetings.  You cannot build a good teen group without good bus captains.  A bad bus captain with a bad attitude will run a youth group into the ground.  We praise the Lord for Charlie and Stacey Connatser who are doing a phenomenal job driving the teens.  We are also thankful for Bro. Michael & Sis. Carie who are doing a great job as youth directors!  Also, thank you to Jeff Ashworth for putting his body on the line in a competitive game of kickball....ha ha...Great job everyone!
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The teens recently helped with Prison Prevention Ministries in giving out gifts to children in the Chattanooga area.  We had a great time in the Lord and the Word of God was given to many parents, guardians and children.  After this event we took the kids caroling house to house and in the nursing home.  The kids were rewarded with ice cream and pizza afterwards.  Thanks to Aimee Duke for taking the youth choir as well as Michael & Carie Hill & Charlie & Stacey Connatser.  Thank you also to Deborah Hallman for helping us with the kids as well.  It was a great overall day in the Lord!  Click  on any picture below to enlarge and view.
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