One of our missionaries, Bro. Mark Logan, preached our 2013 revival.  He is doing a series on the Holy Spirit & the local church that is phenomenal!  He preached Sunday morning on being filled with the Spirit and he preached Sunday night on Brotherly Love.  He preached Monday night on church harmony and every church needs to hear this message.  Bro. Michael Hill's parents were with us for the Sunday a.m. service and Bro. Hill sang and played the guitar.  Bro. Asher arrived for his first visit to the United States on Tuesday.  He gave his testimony and it was such a great service.  We then had an open question night on Wednesday and we learned so much about his work overseas and what the Lord is doing there.  We appreciate the many churches that supported our revival and especially Shield Baptist Church who met with us on Wednesday night.  We appreciate Bro. Earl Groce singing in the service.  We also want to thank our local radio personality, Dana Russell, for joining us Tuesday night for services.  The ladies of Valley View organized a surprise party for Bro. Asher with a cake as well.  Pastor Jeff stated that this is the best revival he has ever been blessed with.  Audio from each service is posted below..  Click below to listen to any of our services during revival!

"Be Filled With The Spirit"--Sunday 10-27 a.m. service...
"Brotherly Love"--Sunday 10-27 p.m. service...
"Church Harmony"--Monday 10-27 service...
Asher Testimony & Pastor Logan on Missions--Tues. 10-28...
Asher Question & Answer & Pastor Logan--"Pros & Cons of Winning the Battle"--Wed. 10-29...

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