Surprise!  Surprise!  The church had planned an old fashioned day but used it as a diversion to set up Pastor Appreciation Day!  We had 144 people present for the service and had a great time in the Lord!  Both our pastors, Bro. Jeff (senior pastor) and Bro. Larry (assistant pastor) were honored during this service.  Everyone was dressed in their "throwback" outfits and the people did a phenomenal job honoring the pastors at the conclusion of the service.  We literally had dinner on the grounds with homemade ice cream, cake, a blow up bouncy house and a hay ride as well.  Bro. Jeff was completely surprised and overwhelmed by the outpouring of thanks and appreciation.  He was very emotional and touched by the heartfelt love of the congregation for him and his family. This time last year he was going thru a major valley and the Lord brought him and the people out safely to the other side.  This was a day filled with emotions of thankfulness and gratefulness for what the Lord has done.  Our people are finally happy and free to worship the Lord!  Thank you Lord for Valley View Baptist Church!Click below on any picture to enlarge and view.  (Unfortunately, about 70 people left before we were able to get a group shot) 
DSCF4335 (640x480)
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