Valley View Baptist Church is an outreach minded church.  We have something for all age groups.  We have no less than 5 outreach events every month of the year.  Below is a list of our many outreach ministries:

Lenny's Store--Bro. Lenny Viverito awards the kids with coins each month for learning Bible verses, inviting visitors, attending Sunday School and bringing their Bibles to church.  The kids can trade in their coins at the end of each month in Bro. Lenny's Store for toys, games and prizes.  This is a great outreach ministry at our church!  We also have a "Lenny's Store" in Mexico as well under Bro. Odis Seals' ministry. 

Sister Circle--For the ladies--Meets every 1st Tuesday of the month at the church at 6:30 p.m. for food, fellowship, Bible study and fun.

Men's Prayer Breakfast--Every 3rd Saturday of each month at 8:00 a.m. in the church fellowship hall.  We have bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, ham etc. with a good time of fellowship and a devotion from God's Word.

Teen Outings--Bro. Michael Hill & Sis. Carie Hill take our teens out once a month.  They go bowling, to ballgames, to amusement parks, out to eat etc. 

Teen Bible Club--Meets every Wed. night at 7 p.m. at the church for food, fellowship and Bible study. 

Widow's Group--Sis. Shelia Wood has a monthly event for the widows of our church.  We also have widows outside the church who are involved with this group as well.  The ladies take trips together, have Bible study but most of all they are there to comfort each other.

Senior Trips--The church pays for our senior citizens to go out to eat each month.  We schedule these trips every 4th Tuesday of the month. 

Kid's Bible Club--Our Youth Pastor, Bro. Michael Roberson, and his team meets with the younger kids every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in the fellowship hall for a special church service just for our younger children.  

Memorial Day Service--Each and every Memorial Day weekend Bro. Tom Grant compiles a special Sunday a.m. service to honor our fallen heroes. 

Halloween Outreach--Each year we give out over 1,000 Gospel tracts with candy during the night of Halloween.  We also give away free hot dogs, popcorn and drinks during this outreach event as well.

Special Blessings Room--We have a special room with teachers at the church for children with disabilities.  It was originally set up as an autism room but has been expanded to assist in other disabilities as well.

Outdoor Movie Nights--Every Summer we schedule 4 outdoor Christian movies.  We have a 14 foot blowup screen with a projector and speakers.  We offer free food, popcorn and drinks to everyone who attends.

Christmas in the Valley--Sis. Kita McCormick and Bro. Fred Carter do a phenomenal job with this program.  We purchase Christmas gifts for children in need and schedule a night to feed the children/parents and present them with their Christmas gifts.  We helped over 30 children have a great Christmas last year.

Christmas Play & Cantata--We write our own Christmas plays and perform those during the month of December each and every year.  We also have a vocal Christmas Cantata that is performed by our choir the week before Christmas and the week after Christmas.

Tract Ministry--We have a tract team that distributes Gospel tracts at different events in our area.  The church supplies all of the tracts and we utilize Chick Tracts at our church. 

Library--Bro. Cavin & Sis. Jessica Swafford are our church librarians.  We have over 2,500 books in our vast library.  The library is open every Sunday evening from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Easter Cantata--Our choir director, Bro. Ken Brewer, does a great job choosing and helping prepare for an Easter cantata each year. 

VBS--We have VBS once a year at Valley View Baptist Church.  We typically spend around $3500 to ensure that the children are exposed to a quality VBS.

Revivals--We have no less than two and sometimes three revivals a year.  One at the first of the year, one in the summer and the other in the fall of the year.  We have excellent guest preachers such as Dr. M. H. Tabb, Dr. Mike Bagwell, Bro. Cody Zorn & Bro. Mark Logan.   

Missions Conference--Every third year we have a missions conference at the church.  This is a week of allowing various missionaries to present their ministries and for our church to remain missions minded.  We currently support 20 missionaries at the church and several families support missionaries out of their homes as well. 

Sunday School Classes--Bro. Jack Sanders is over our Sunday School department.  We have classes for all age groups and we have some excellent teachers set in place. 

Couples' Ministry--The Millard family have a night of fellowship with our church couples every two months at the church.  We have a great time of food, fellowship. Bible study & fun!