Valley View Lenny's Store
Bro. Lenny Viverito has a store full of prizes for the kids at church to earn.  Each kid is awarded coins for performing certain duties and tasks around the church.  They are rewarded for learning Scripture, bringing their Bibles, coming to church and bringing others to church.  This is a great motivational tool to get kids excited about serving the Lord!
Sister Circle
All of the ladies at Valley View Baptist Church meet the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. for Bible study, crafts, food and fellowship!  This is a great time of edification for the ladies of the church.  Join them for a great time in the Lord!
Timothy Teens
Bro. Michael Hill & Carie Hill with Bro. Charlie Connatser & Stacey Connatser are our youth directors at Valley View Baptist Church.  They meet twice a month with the teens for Bible study, food, fellowship and other activities.  They will be taking the teens to a Perry's concert this month as well.  If you are a teen and would like to get involved, please feel free to join us at any event!
H.E.L.P. Men's Group
Bro. Michael Hill is over the H.E.L.P. Ministry at church.  This is for all the men who want to meet once a month for a cookout, Bible study and fellowship.  Check our upcoming events section on our site for specific dates/times.  This group also looks for people who need help with different projects in the community who are not able to take care of things on their own.  (mow yard, rake leaves etc.)
Our new nursing home ministry began on Tuesday July 23rd at 10:30 a.m.  Bro. Jeff takes the seniors to the nursing home for a service and then he takes them all out to eat after the service.  We currently average 18-20 for these trips.   We meet every 4th Tuesday at 10:30 at Parkside Nursing Home to minister to these precious people.  This is a great ministry as well as a great time of fellowship together.
We record all of our services with audio and with video equipment.  We give DVD disks to all of our shut-ins so they can enjoy the services.  We also provide audio CD disks for each service as well.  These are free of charge and available to all who want one.  If you know of a shut-in who would like to have copies of our services, please let Bro. Jeff know and he will ensure that they receive the disks.
Van Ministry
Thanks to our van ministry we are currently picking up kids and adults that need a ride to church.  If you need a ride, please call our church office and leave your name and return contact number on our answering machine.  The phone number is 706-931-2901.
Nursing Home & Senior Trips
CD Audio & DVD video
We have a box located at the front entrance of the church where people can drop in prayer requests.  We printout these prayer requests monthly and we have a prayer/fasting team that prays and fasts over those requests.  We have people assigned to certain days of the week for this task.
Gospel Tracts
Valley View Baptist Church utilizes Chick Tracts for its outreach in the community.  We have a tract rack filled with over 600 tracts at the entrance to our church.  We firmly believe in reaching out to others for Jesus Christ.  Outreach is a key component to our church.
Valley View Baptist Church has all of the primary ministries associated with a church body (VBS, revival, nursery, visitation, Christmas play, Halloween outreach, homecoming etc.) but we also believe in reaching out in other areas as well.  Below is a list of the ministries you will find at Valley View Baptist Church should you decide to visit with us.
Spanish Store In Mexico
Bro. Lenny Viverito is going in February to start a store for kids just like the one we have at Valley View.  This will be on the mission field with Bro. Odis Seals in Yucatan Mexico.  Kids will earn coins to spend in store for achieving spiritual goals at the church.  Pray about this new ministry.
Prayer & Fasting Team
Bro. Cavin Swafford & Sis. Jessica Swafford have agreed to manage our new church library.  IT IS AWESOME!  We have right at 1,000 entries as of September 2015 and our goal is 2,000.  There are books, magazines, movies etc. to choose from.  The library is open from 5:00 5:45 p.m. each and every Sunday evening.  Please take advantage of this great learning opportunity!
Wednesday Night Bible Club
Sis. Becky Plemons has a special church service each and every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. For the younger children.  They have a Bible lesson, crafts & snacks.  It is a great time for the parents to enjoy our adult services!
Puppet Ministry
Sis. Margaret Goodwin, Sis. Jan Arp & Sis. Anita Carter have a monthly puppet show for the kids.  IT IS AWESOME!  We are really excited about this new ministry!
Powerpoint Ministry
We now have a drop down projector screen, projector and computer system that is utilized to project Powerpoint in each and every service.  Pastor Jeff personally programs the Powerpoint slides for each service while compiling and distributing handouts of each sermon as well to be used for personal study.  This is a great tool in proclaiming the truths from the Bible.
Halloween Outreach
Each and every year on Halloween night we provide free hot dogs, drinks & candy in Eagle Landing Subdivision.  On average we distribute close to 400 hot dogs and over 400 Gospel tracts at this event.  This is a great time of outreach each year for our church!
Outdoor Movie Nights
During the summer months (about 4 times per year) we pull out our giant 14 foot blowup screen with projector and surround sound for outdoor movie night.  The church provides nachos & cheese, hotdogs, popcorn etc. free of charge for those who attend from the community.  We show a Christian movie and the Gospel is presented by Pastor Jeff as well.