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Gifts Of The Spirit
Part 1
Gifts Of The Spirit
Part 2
Bro. Jeff began a series on "Gifts Of The Spirit"...At the conclusion of this series our church members will know what their Spiritual Gifts are.  Click below to listen to part 1 & 2.
MUST SEE!  Click here to see the professional testimony video of our Assistant Pastor Larry Scott!  Very moving and glorifying to the Lord!

WOW!  What a great Halloween outreach we had this year!  We had a around 40 members help with the outreach.  We gave out over 300 hot dogs with drinks and 350 Gospel Tracts with candy.  PRAISE THE LORD!  Thank you to Kim Walker & Jack/Marion Lomenick for allowing us to utilize their houses this year for the outreach.  Click the link above to watch our video slideshow of the event!
Assistant Pastor Larry Scott
Pastor Jeff Brown
Listen to all of our services right here on our website!  Click here to be redirected to our audio site where you can hear every Sunday morning, Sunday evening & Wednesday night messages from Bro. Jeff and guest preachers!
Click here or the logo to the left to be redirected to Christian radio KPGT 89.1 FM "The Truth FM" in Watertown, SD.  This is our friend Bro. Lamar Whittamore's radio station and they are doing a great work for the Lord.  Our new broadcast began on the world wide web on Sunday the 19th at 1 p.m. eastern standard time.  Thank you to everyone who supports this ministry!  We are thankful to the Lord for this outreach opportunity!
Our new outreach store in Mexico is officially open!  Thanks to Bro. Odis Seals, Bro. Lenny Viverito and Bro. Ashley Howe for this opportunity!  This store will mirror our store for our kids here at the church!  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!  (also pictures of Ashley & Lenny's mission trip)
Thank you to everyone who made Pastor Appreciation Day so special for Bro. Jeff, Bro. Larry & their families.  Bro. Jeff wants it to be known how honored and thankful he is to be the pastor of Valley View Baptist Church.  He truly loves our people and prays the Lord gives him many more years to serve the church.
Missions Conference 2014 has been awesome!  We have posted each service below in audio mp3 format for your listening enjoyment!  Bro. Mark Logan did a phenomenal job preaching God's Words.  CLICK HERE to watch our video slideshow of the conference.
Sunday a.m.  "Sins Of An Individual"...
Sunday p.m.  "Sins Of A Nation"...
Monday p.m. "The Qualities Found In A Missionary"...
Tuesday p.m. "The Duties Of A Missionary"...
Wednesday p.m. "Giving To The Missionary"...
Click here to watch our slideshow video of this year's PPM Christmas Angel celebration.  We had a total of 33 volunteers from Valley View Baptist Church this year!  PRAISE THE LORD!  There were several children and adults saved this year.  Thank you to everyone who attended and helped with this important outreach event!

THANK YOU to everyone at Valley View Baptist Church who gave to Bro. Lenny's Store and it's 2015 anniversary celebration.  CLICK HERE to watch the video slideshow of the kids receiving Christmas presents from Valley View!  CLICK HERE to watch the video slideshow of Bro. Lenny's Store 1 year anniversary in Mexico!

THE NWGA SPORTSMAN'S EXPO WAS AWESOME!....Click here to watch the video slideshow of the event!  Thanks to everyone at Oakwood Baptist Church (Bro. Joe Greco's group) for allowing Valley View Baptist Church to be a part of this event.  We had a great time in the Lord and a great crowd was present!  Thank you to all of the men and women of Valley View Baptist Church for all of their hard work!
Click here to watch the video slideshow of our Valentine's Dinner that was held on Sunday February the 15th!
Even with the bad weather we still had 35 ladies for the Sister Circle Tea!  Special guest speaker was Sis. Sherry Larson!  Catered by Tea Cup Moments.
Click here to watch the video slideshow of the event!
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